Mboyo Bienvenue to Medical Help for a Girl with Meningitis

Here are some photos of Bienvenue Mboyo, a very poor 19 year old orphan who got a severe meningitis. One hospital left her in the bed without treatment knowing she would die, because she had a very difficult disease to treat and they could see that her family would not be able to afford the treatment. 
We stepped in and transferred her to another hospital where the head doctor took her on and confided her to his team of doctors and nurses. He warned us that to save her life, it would cost a lot, but that there was hope she would recover. She was in a coma when we brought her there and she was paralyzed, incontinent and lost her speech even after coming out of the coma. 
Now she is back home and doing a lot better. She can walk now. 
She still can't talk, but we hope it will come back soon.