Setting Up Home At Maman Cynthia's

Maman Cynthia is a recent widow with 5 young children, ranging in age from 9 months to 10 years. She lives in a small wooden hut and when we met her she was hand washing people's clothes in the neighborhood for very little money, with barely enough to eat. 
Happy to get rid of those mattresses! 
She would often leave her children alone at home until 8 pm while at work, which was very unsafe. They were sleeping on dirty, old foam mattresses on the floor and being bombarded by mosquitoes every evening. Her children didn't even have books for school.  They had no table or chairs. 

Eric, the 10-year old, was so happy to get a table!
He was literally jumping for joy!
Now, thanks to donors and a team of volunteers with Mercy Ships, they have a beautiful double bunk bed and shelves, a table to eat on and a table to sell things outside. They have been given clothes, school books, food staples, items to sell so Cynthia can stay home and not leave the children alone anymore. We are working with her to develop good hygiene and organization to well manage what she has been given and to help her business to grow.

Jordan, Mercy Ships carpenter, working on
installing the beautiful bed he built
for the family. 
New bed in a tiny hut! Perfect fit

New shelves in the main room to alleviate the clutter
Making manioc to sell
Mercy Ships team doing
children's program
Jan, chief officer on Mercy Ship,
holding Paulina.

Maman Cynthia using her table
to sell peanuts 
Her baby Emmanuel at her feet 
A Mercy Ships volunteer with
Emmanuel, Maman Cynthia's baby
Maman Cynthia with Paulina during a
children's program outside
Eric wearing his craft