A bright future for Frida and Emmanuel

Young mother Frida was unable to care for her baby son, Emmanuel, and he was placed in the custody of Mwana at about 2 months old. Frida returned recently to regain custody of Emmanuel, though she was wholly unprepared in supplies and experience needed to effectively parent her son.

Mwana offered to help Frida with supplies (diapers and formula) and training if she would agree to come daily to the home and learn from the mamas how to effectively care for her son's needs. Recently, Frida has chosen against a life of prostitution and is committed to being trained for dignifying work that will allow her to raise her son in a physically, emotionally, spiritually healthy way. 

Mwana is currently supporting Frida in a nine-month professional training program where she will learn construction skills to be marketable in a growing industry. She has also learned many valuable skills at Mwana Home and enjoys interacting with her son during circle time with the volunteers and mamas.