Gaining Visibility

Support for Mwana Villages enables us to continue to do the work that saves and transforms lives in Pointe-Noire. Just one example is the support Georgetown Church in Ontario provided, part of which enabled us to put these signs up in the city.

Just last week, a young woman saw the sign and came to Mwana Home: with a premature baby born at only 1.5 kg, the baby was in desperate need of additional support. She has been unable to work since the baby's birth 2 months prior and was in critical need for care for her baby and herself. Even in her extreme poverty, the mother was careful to take care of her baby as well as she could: the baby was clean and in nice clothes even while she herself was in rags.

Mwana is now helping this young mother to provide for her child by training her for an honorable and dignified position as a cook or maid. Additionally, we are caring for the baby in Mwana Home and training her each day on how to care for her baby's physical and developmental needs.

It is amazing what a little sign visibility can do to save a life...